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Come to Friendship Village and experience heaven on earth and embrace the health, wealth, and happiness shared with all life. Find out why our guests have called this "God's Country", "a piece of Heaven".

Friendship Village is a naturally beautiful retreat and conference center nestled amongst 82 acres of rolling hills in Southeastern Ohio's Noble County. One of the highest points of all the Ohio Valley, the foothills of Appalachia, it commands an eagle's view of the entire region in all directions. Here, we are truly resplendent in the majesty of nature. Car and Driver has designated Route 78, minutes away, as one of the most scenic highways nationwide. Ohio Travel's author Thomas Froats writes "There are at least a few thousand ways to cross Ohio on two wheels, but unless they include Ohio State Route 78 in them, they fall short of being the most amazing drive possible when getting through the Buckeye State."

Centrally Located
We are at the center of the major cities of 3 states: 1.5 hours from Parkersburg and Wheeling West Virginia, 2 hours from Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and 3 hours from Cleveland, Ohio. This makes us the natural choice for Corporations, bicycle and motorbike tours, spiritual retreats, family gatherings, and weddings or just to get away and find peace among friends.

Peaceful Oasis for All Seasons
Herds of deer seek us for solace; knowing that we are a safe haven from all the rigors of hard life. The eagles rest in the high branches of our oaks, maples, walnut, beech, hickory, buckeye, locust and white pine. The masked face of the red fox peaks out from her lair, protective of her new born kits snuggled inside. This is Mother Nature in all her glory. It is here that we can embrace the whole of nature as our family and draw upon its strength, ingenuity, and abundance to empower our own lives.

friendship-village-welcome Eagle Lodge
Enjoy the clean, joyful accommodations in the Eagle Lodge and the rustic simplicity of the Log Cabins perched on the hill and tucked away in the woods; stands of locusts, flowering dogwood, and radiant tulip trees. The cry of the red-tailed hawk pierces the sky as you step out onto the porch, overlooking the hills and valleys wreathed in the blue mists vanishing into the pale gold of dawn. As you walk up the hill to rest after a long day of hiking, working, exploring, or just having fun, the Milky Way guides you along her silvery river so present in the blue-black of the midnight sky that you feel that you could just reach out and touch the sparkling sky-dancers, tiptoeing through the heavens.

friendship-village-winter Winter
In winter, stepping into the fresh blanket of snow, crystalline in the bright January sunshine, with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and topaz, you experience the birth of a new day where only the rabbit and the sparrows have stepped before you. Wrap yourself in woolen coats and blankets and sit cozy around an open fire, mitted fingers warmed by the steaming, rich hot chocolate, chasing away the nip of the snow, surrounded by family, friends, loved ones, business associates and new-found friends. In the distant shadows, the owl calls out "Who, Whoooo are you? We welcome you to our forest."

friendship-village-spring Spring
In spring the enticing scent of the spring lilacs mingling with the fresh perfume of a rain dampened earth; dew drops reflecting the rainbow of splendor just waiting for you to rise and share the joy of living. The gurgling of the rain swollen stream in the ravine is reflected in the shimmering laughter of the poplars. Everywhere you walk life bubbles with excitement and you find your spirit lifting with the sweet chirrups of flocks of dancing bluebirds.

friendship-village-summer Summer
Spring turns into summer and the brilliant sunny face of the sunflower lifts to the mid-summer sky while bees hover, drunken, with the rich pollen. The soothing hmmmmm of the humming bird; jeweled wings flashing in the sapphire skies and skimming over the pink and white hibiscus blooms, lulls you into sleep. It is easy to find a shady spot under the trees to rest, cooled by the gentle breezes stirring the branches above. Monarch butterflies dance over the towering stocks of milkweed, swaying in the meadows starred with daisies and wild, sweet, purple clover. Out of the corner of your eye dart the dragonflies, turning at a moments notice, playfully showing how to stay light on your feet, be adaptable, and able to embrace all that life gives.

friendship-village-autumn Autumn
Then the forest prepares to sleep, donning her coat of brilliant golds, fiery reds, and blazing vermilions, rich against the dark green of the evergreens tall and silent, forever reminding us that life springs new again. Take your lunch break from your activities in Bear Conference Lodge and walk outside to the Pavilion. Sit and munch on apples reminiscent of the warm sunshine while drinking in this beautiful world we have been given to care for. Spend crisp autumn nights sipping hot apple cider, bundled up in your jackets preparing for a peaceful night's rest snug in your comfortable bed.

A group of dedicated professionals decided over 20 years ago that people needed a place to get away from it all and find new information and insights that they could take back with them that gave them fresh perspectives and new abilities to achieve their goals. Tied in with this was the understanding that if the world is going to be a better place then it is up to each and every one of us to make it so.

These volunteers spent their time and money building and creating what is now Friendship Village Retreat and Conference Center. They started with a small farm house built in the 1800s, a large red barn and some out buildings. The Retreat now has accommodations for 76 people, a kitchen that produces food everyone raves about and meeting space indoors and outdoors for any type of program or event.

This group has achieved their goal of providing an extraordinary place in a beautiful natural setting where you can come with your business, group, organization or family and friends to find a new beginning.


Corporate Sales Retreat
"The food was excellent!" "This was the perfect setting to take my sales team to the next level."

Scout Master
"My Pack enjoyed it so much, we nominated Friendship Village for the District Friends of Scouting Award which they did win."

Psychology Association
"Everything was wonderful; you treated me like part of the family."

Student Association
"The dorms and rooms are so clean and pretty. We love it here."

Meditation Group
"This place is a piece of heaven. The scenery is beautiful. Everyone made me feel very welcome."

"I can never sleep away from my bed. I can't believe that I slept so deeply and woke up feeling more refreshed than I have felt in years. There is something special about this place. I can feel it in the air."

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