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Friendship Village Area Attractions

When you book your retreat and conference center program at Friendship Village, you will be able to augment your program activities with lots of fun recreational events in the surrounding three county area. Nearby Caldwell, Ohio, the Noble County seat, was the site of the crash of the Shenandoah, a hydrogen balloon that exploded and is memorialized in local businesses and murals.

friendship-village-big-muskie-bucket The "Big Muskie", located in Morgan County, is an actual bucket used to mine coal by AEP. Your visit to Friendship Village will be more exciting if you plan some time to catch local events; and the Big Muskie bucket is a "must see," just to realize how huge it is.

Friendship Village also offers tours of the historical Ancient Village, a unique invitation into the life of our ancient ancestors and how they lived, from the stone age to the log cabin. Traditional wear, traditional food, and traditional events are all available for your pleasure and learning.

friendship-village-ancient-village You can book your tour of Ancient Village at the same time you book your arrangements for the Friendship Village retreat and conference center.

Seneca Lake is another delightful area to visit and play, just 15 minutes away from Friendship Village. Here you can rent a pontoon boat and go fishing on the lake, enjoy swimming in the spring fed waters, or have a nice meal in the marina restaurant. A day at Seneca Lake will add measurable value to your stay.

You can also visit Wayne National Forest, one of the oldest forests in the mid west, a forest embattled to maintain its status as protected forest land from the encroachments of coal mining as well as Dysart forest. Within a short drive of Friendship Village, you will find delightful well marked trails for hiking in.

friendship-village-the-wilds Spend an extraordinary day at The Wilds, 10,000 acres of reclaimed mine land that has been transformed into a wildlife conservation center. Here, you can take safari tours complete with lions and tigers as well as monkeys, buffaloes, antelopes and even rhinoceros.

Local Festivals and fairs like the Noble County Fair and Soakum Festival, Barnesville's Pumpkin Festival, Woodsfield's Black Walnut Festival are full of fun and activities for the entire family. Just minutes away at McConnelsville, you can visit the Grand Old Opera, or travel a few miles to Cambridge to enjoy the outdoor Living Word Drama.

Jamboree in the Hills is one of the biggest Blue Grass Festivals, 20 minutes away, with the top artists in the country.

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